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Over the years we have been a source of practical advice to tradesmen, specifiers and DIY enthusiasts. Of recent times we have prepared some literature to help people get the job done properly. You will note that we recommend many other products which are complimentary to our own in the application of a job. The advice we offer is focused on getting the right result.

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Waterproofing “How to” Sheets

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Disclaimer on Advice

The advice given on the web site and/or by any representative of Concrete Protection Pty Ltd is offered in good faith without any guarantee or warranty. Advice is offered from a practical perspective to assist with a particular requirement. The decisions made due to any advice are not the responsibility of Concrete Protection Pty Ltd. We do not claim to have exclusive or authoritative knowledge on all matters or product. The advice offered is mindful of Australian Standards, but the responsibility of compliance is not the responsibility of Concrete Protection Pty Ltd.