As an industry leader, our knowledge and experience can be utilised through the following services:


1. Informal project advice: Waterproofing problem solving is what we do every day with our trade customers. This advice can be obtained on-line via “Contact Us” – inquiries; phoning; email; or call into our trade outlet, – our staff are most helpful.

2. Site Visit advice: For those seeking independent advise on a site waterproofing problem and verbal discussion about possible solution options we offer a consulting call out service ($150)

3. Compliance Assessment Report: Unfortunately waterproofing failures in Victoria are the highest insurance remedial expense. We can provide a formal assessment of the current situation, any defects as they apply to NCC and Australian Standards (AS3740 & AS4654.2), plus suggested action. Consulting Fees apply.

4. Designing Waterproofing Strategies: Many waterproofing failures can be eliminated prior to building by designing better waterproofing processes or systems. More thorough planning of application methods, often incorporating multiple strategies in key areas can avoid failure or non-compliance. ‘Stock drawings’ of footings, joints, retaining structures, etc. supplied by Architects or Engineers in a ‘cut and paste’ format applied to building plans can be insufficient for the project. We focus on the ‘process’ options to achieve the desired outcome. There are many products which can be suitable, the important design principle is to focus on ‘process’. Design assistance is particularly important in Below Ground Waterproofing as it requires a “Performance Solution” to be compliant with the NCC. Consulting Fees apply.

NOTE: Professional Firm Workshop/AIW seminar: As a Committee Member of the AIW (Australian Institute of Waterproofing) we offer short information workshops to professional firms to build a greater awareness waterproofing issues within their staff.


1. Contractor Network: Within our customer base we have a network of contractors with capabilities for most waterproofing jobs which we can suggest could be suitable for the project at hand. Our customers are independent companies and your commercial relationship is with the contractor. Concrete Protection takes no responsibility for the works.

2. Small Remedial Projects: Outside our contractor network, our staff will complete small remedial works when time permits. These projects provide two benefits, first an economical scope of works for the customer; and second, it provides our staff with the experience of using the products we recommend.