The 2019 version of the National Construction Code (NCC) will be updated in September 2022. The impact on waterproofing compliance is worth studying. First difference is in the structure of the document with different headings to the previous version in both Volume 1 and Volume 2. Differences between the 2022 NCC to 2019 NCC for waterproofing

Second big change is the adoption of the new Standard for Wet Areas AS3740:2021. All previous NCC’s referred to AS3740:2010, the new standard will now be the Deemed-to-Satisfy solution. AS3740:2021 is more detailed and prescriptive than the previous version.

Third, the NCC have nominated another ‘Deemed-to-Satisfy’ solution under H4D2 Wet Areas as an alternative to AS3740. The ABCB – Housing Provision Standard 2022 to be published in conjunction with NCC 2022. This document (free download) sets out in Part 10.2 Wet Area Waterproofing the detailed requirements for compliance in a very similar format to the Standard AS3740. Thus builders and tradesmen have the option to refer to this document to sign off compliance.

Similarly, Architects and designers can also specify the new ‘Housing Provision Standard 2022’. This document under 10.2.8 Materials- waterproof, provides more flexibility on choice of product materials

FOOTNOTE: Recent discussions with VBA indicate that getting Waterproofing as  Licensed Trade is still a long way off.