In answer to the hundreds of phone calls over COVID – yes we are OPEN for business

  • as usual business hours 8am to 5pm , Monday to Friday
  • Good news on our NBN phone system, we finally got back our original phone number 9429 3377, but you can also use the new number 9117 8615
  • New financial year with associated increases in material costs. On average most suppliers have gone up at least 4%, most of which has been absorbed, but some products have had to be increased
  • During these difficult times we all share in the frustrations of delays to projects, access to sites to complete works and postponements on new projects. Please give us a ‘heads up’ if you are going to require substantial stock as suppliers are keeping stock holdings low.
  • As we are living in the crazy COVID world, we have installed a QR code which you can scan to register your presence at Concrete Protection.

Finally we wish to thank those customers who call us for technical advice when trying to solve un-usual problems.