Project Description

HYDROPEL WB – Clear Water Repellent to Penetrate External Mineral Building Materials

Hydropel is a clear water based silane / siloxane compound formulated to impart excellent water repellency to a wide variety of mineral building materials. The product is designed to penetrate the first few millimetres of the surface rendering the substrate water repellent dramatically reducing the absorption of water and water born salts whilst still allowing free passage of water vapour.


  • Excellent penetration.
  • UV and alkali stable.
  • Product is not a surface coating so there is nothing to blister, wear or peel.
  • Excellent surface water beading effect.
  • Does not change the appearance of the treated surface.
  • Reduces water and chloride uptake by 95%.
  • Reacts chemically with the substrate to form a hydrophobic salt resistant layer.
  • Non corrosive and non flammable.
  • Easy application – no volatile hydrocarbons emitted during use.

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