The current Victorian Building Regulations 2018 require the contracted Registered Builder to supervise tradespeople’s work and sign off the compliance of DTS (deemed-to-satisfy) Performance Requirements under the NCC 2019 (National Construction Code). Thus for trades like Waterproofing the only recognised compliance document is provided by the Registered Builder and accepted by the RBS (Registered Building Surveyor). A Tradesperson like a waterproofer may do works up to the value of $10,000 without the supervision of the Registered Builder ($5,000 was the limit in the 2006 Regulations).

So the game is about to change. The Victorian Government is determined to lift the standard and reliability of works completed by tradespeople. The test case for the structure of change will be Carpentry, with Stage 2 including Waterproofing. It is proposed that the key Subcontractors will require Registration and employees will obtain a Licence. Currently the VBA has an option for Registration, being Domestic Builder Limited to Waterproofing (DBL-W) and Commercial Builder Limited to Waterproofing Work (CBL-W).

The following discussion paper has more information   Discussion Paper on New Victorian Registration and Licensing of Tradespeople