1107, 2017

Waterproofing Changes in Victoria

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Many people may not be aware of the  changes to the Victorian Building Regulations 2017 to be shortly enacted. The Waterproofing industry has one specific area of change which will have impact. The Building Act 1993 remains, however the current Building Regulation 2006 is to sunset, replaced by the proposed

3006, 2017

Sika Product of the Month – Sikaflex PRO

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Sikaflex PRO is the industry quality sealant for jointing systems. Available in a range of colours, this flyer highlights the range of construction applications and substrates this high performance product provides in sealing solutions in joints. Product Of The Month Flyer July 17

2806, 2017

Classic Paints – enjoy the satisfactin of a job well done

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Some customers have forgotten that we are a manufacturer of high quality decorative paints.  Whilst we are known for our waterproofing products, we produce paint under the "Classic Paints" and "Classique" brands. Tradesmen wanting a quality finish to their work can have paint colour matched for a great look. Already

205, 2017

Account Customers can now Order online

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We have added a simple system for Account Customers to place an order online for your convenience. For those occasions when you can’t get hold of us or you wish to organise goods after hours, simply go to the website and click on the ‘Sales’ tab or go directly to

3103, 2017

Sika Product of the Month – SikaSwell S-2

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Incredibly versatile swellable water stop. Sika Swell S 2 provides an economical solution for Constructions Joints; Penetrations; Sealing new concrete to an existing wall; plus Sealing Cracks Product Of The Month Flyer April 17

103, 2017

Sika Product of the month – Sikalastic 1K

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Sikalastic 1 K is a one component cementitious mortar, fibre reinforced, flexible waterproofing membrane. This amazing product is has unique properties that are suitable for many applications, externally and internally. The product can be applied by trowel, roller or brush to marry with targeted thickness. Sikalastic 1K is suitable for

1402, 2017

Sika Product of the Month – Sikaflex Tank N

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Not everyone is aware that there are specialised sealant products in addition to SikaflexPRO. Sikaflex TANK N is a 1-part elastic sealant for joints exposed to chemicals. Ideal for use in areas used for storage, filling and handling of water polluting liquids. e.g. floor joints in petrol stations, storage tanks,

301, 2017

2017 to be a successful year for waterproofing

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Wishing all our customers a successful year, with no waterproofing problems, only solutions! We will be making changes during the year to provide even greater support for waterproofing, sealing and coating requirements. In 2017 it is anticipated that VBA will announce control measures to impact the waterproofing industry. CP will