Contec C1 Waterproofing Concrete Additive and Repair Compound

Contec C1 is acrystallising, self-sealing waterproofing system that turns porous concrete into a permanent, water-resistant barrier. Designed to provide a structural defence against water damage and steel reinforcement corrosion, Contec C1reacts with the unhydrated cement particles to permanently block the pathways for water and waterborne contaminants.

Sika Cement-Based Compounds

We also stock a wide range of premium Sika concrete maintenance and repair compounds. These include general purpose and high strength cementitious grouts; levelling, finishing and repair mortars; and concrete patching and coating materials.

When it comes to concrete repair, we offer a full range Sika cement based compounds, cementitious, polymer-modified repair mortars for concrete repair works and other specialist construction requirements.

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