Sika provides a comprehensive range of premium quality waterproofing products to the construction industry and DIY enthusiasts alike. With over 100 years of experience, Sika waterproofing solutions can be tailored to the most challenging requirements.

Your choice in water protection can make or break a project. Sika provides premium products and systems for above- and below-ground and water retaining structures.

Sika’s range of waterproofing products are ideal for use in basement and cellar builds and refurbishments, underground car parks, retaining walls, water storage and water retaining projects, leak sealing, damp proofing and more –anywhere you want to keep water in or keep water out.

Our range of premium Sika products includes:

  • SikaSwell S2 – swell-s-2-505– A high-performance, swellable, one-component, polyurethane-based waterstop
  • SikaSwell Profiles – swell-profile-339– swellable strips in different size profiles
  • SikaWaterbar–A flexible PVC waterstop used to seal construction and expansion joints in concretestructures
  • Sikalastic 1K – SIKALASTIC -1 K – 2019 – A flexible and fast-setting waterproofing mortar
  • Sikalastic 488 – Sikalastic-488-au-pds –A high-performance, hand-applied, elastomeric polyurethane waterproofing membrane
  • Sikatite WPU – Sika-tite WPU 2019– An eco-friendly liquid-applied waterproofing internal membrane
  • Sikalastic 590 Plus – Sikalastic-590-plusau – Roof Membrane and protective coating, liquid applied water based polyurethane

Manage waterproofing issues with Sika’s unrivalled range of waterproofing products and systems. For expert advice and sales, contact our friendly team on (03) 9429 3377.




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